Clinton's Hand Cooked Artisan Irish Crisps

The Clintons have been farming potatoes on their family farm in Skerries since the 1700’s so they know a thing or two about spuds. In 2018, Clintons Crisps was born to create an Irish crisp like no other and the best tasting treat for you.
Cooked in 100% rapeseed oil using specially chosen spud varieties, you get a crisp with a distinctive flavour that is crunchier, crispier and as natural as it can be. “We like to keep it simple but do it right, we’re about the down to earth, delicious crisp.”

Our Vision

We want to show people what it means to be a great homegrown product.
When people taste our crisps they know that we deliver on our promise of being the best crisp out there and being the tastiest treat for those special moments.

Our Values

From our family heritage, hard work and passion for Irish food we are committed to producing only the best products that everyone can eat.

Our Philosophy

We want to provide you with a treat that always puts a smile on your face and makes your hard work worth the reward. 


Free from Gluten 

and all other Allergens.

Low in Saturated Fat and Sugar.



The only complete range of Vegan Friendly crisps in Ireland. 

Suitable for Vegetarians.



No artificial additives, flavourings, or preservatives 


"The Texture & Flavour are just perfect"

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