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Our Story

The Clintons have been farming potatoes on their family farm in Skerries for 7 generations, starting out as tenant farmers and then acquiring their own land in the 1860’s.

Originally supplying hay and potatoes to the Dublin markets, Clintons put up one of the first haysheds in the parish as well as being the first to install a wind charger.


Martin Clinton took over from his father to become the 7th generation Clinton farmer at the start of the century while Sean Clinton worked in the crisp and snack industry for 25 years. The brothers believed they had the combined knowledge and experience to create a crisp like no other and in 2018, came together to set up Clintons Hand Cooked Irish Crisps.

Clintons Crisps was born to create an Irish crisp like no other and the best tasting treat for you. Slowly batch cooked in 100% rapeseed oil using specially chosen spud varieties, you get a crisp with a distinctive flavour that is crunchier, crispier and as natural as it can be. “We like to keep it simple but do it right, we’re about the down to earth, delicious crisp.”

Clintons Crisps are the only complete range in Ireland that are both vegan friendly and free from all 14 allergens. 

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"The Texture & Flavour are just perfect"